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Parthias Games

Parthias Games is a project devoted to developing games and game utilities, both computer and tabletop. Current development is primarily in Python, with some projects being developed in C. Projects will be as cross-platform as possible, but testing is currently only possible on Windows XP/Vista, Cygwin, and Slackware Linux 13.


Jon Brewer

As a hobbyist programmer with a wife, two wonderful kids, a full-time (non-computer related) job, and other hobbies to eat up my time, my contributions may be somewhat erratic.

I'm largely self-taught as a programmer, with a few years of (sporadic) experience with C/C++ and Python. Python is my current favorite, due to its cross-platform nature and ease of development. As a hobbyist, though, the ease of development cuts both ways. I don't have a whole lot of free time to devote to programming, so ease of development helps me get more done. On the other hand, I have no time or deadline pressures, and sometimes it's fun to do things the hard way (i.e. with C or C++). Most of my future projects will be developed in Python, though, with applications that require more efficiency or speed being developed primarily in C.

Although not code contributors, I need to mention a few other people who provide assistance, guidance, and inspiration: my wife Jenny, my kids, my brother Chris, and my friend Dan Weinmann.

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