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This is where you will find information regarding the games developed for the Parthias Games projects. Any special system or build requirements will be noted on a case-by-case basis.


This is the new official version of Lord of Ancient Darkness (LOAD), a text-only RPG written in Python. It is a quest-driven game which is currently unfinished, although it is playable. It requires a working Python 2.x installation, which can be obtained from the Python website.

Curses Dependency: The Windows version of Python does not include a working Curses module, which PyLOAD requires. You can either use the Cygwin version of Python, or download and install one of the Curses packages found here.

The current version of PyLOAD is 0.3.4, and may be found here. You will need 7Zip to extract the archive, which can be found on the 7Zip website.

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The first version of Lord of Ancient Darkness, written in C and using curses for I/O. Features and content from PyLOAD will be back-ported to LOAD where practical and as time allows, but future versions will likely be developed exclusively in Python. A Win32 binary of the latest version, as well as a source code bundle, can be found here. To build from source, you'll need CMake and a curses API compatible library. On Windows, you can use PDCurses. The Windows binary provided is statically linked against PDCurses.


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